Saving lives with technology


Having been part of the security sector for many years, I have seen crime in a number of shapes and forms. In the even that something gets violent, it is my job to make sure that everyone involved gets out unharmed. In the old days this was much harder than it is today, and the main and only reason for this is technology.

Technology has penetrated every facet of our lives, and security is no different. Innovations in non-lethal weaponry, security cameras, and bullet proof vests are just some of the ways in which we are able to protect not only the good guys, but the bad guys as well.

Understanding the ramifications

Spending in the security sector is no doubt an expensive endeavor, and one that many people are opposed to. They often wonder why so much money is being spent to protect criminals and why the cost is so high. Well, the answer is that the cost of life itself is high. A dead criminal costs the state and officials a lot of money, not to mention the moral side to it.

By enhancing security technology, we are better able to protect those that protect us as well as the lives of any violent and non-violent offenders. In order to keep our city safe, we must understand that life is precious and that technology is our best ally when it comes to keeping people safe. It is incumbent upon us and our supporters to keep this trend going.

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