Public safety


When I tell people that I work in security, they often associate it with neat gadgets that help stop criminals. However, on a day to day basis, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Most of the time spent in security is making sure that the public is protected while at work, while at home, and while on the road. In some ways, public safety is the largest battle security professionals have to face, and the job is never done.

In general, murders, robberies, and other large crimes are relatively common, but not nearly as common as other public concerns such as drunk and disorderly people or domestic disputes. As security professionals, it is our job to watch out for the common person, which is often more important than catching the bad guys.

The glamour of protection

Now people may wonder why our focus is on public safety rather than stopping larger crimes, and the answer is simple, because public safety is more common and more important overall. In some ways protecting people from the rigors of daily life is more glamorous than catching a criminal, only because you know that people will sleep safer knowing they are protected.

What I mean by this is that nobody ever expects to get robbed, but they may think that they could get hit with a drunk driver or somebody under the influence. Security is about protecting people from what is more likely to happen, not what is more glamorous and what people may see on television.

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