Common crimes


Many people think that in a big city, murder and robbery are the most common crimes. But there is something more to the story than the obvious. Because it is such a tourist town, the most common crimes are petty crimes that affect primarily tourists. This is the reason security in the city is such a difficult thing to navigate. On one hand, you have the larger crimes, which are present, but most of our job revolves around protecting tourists.

Tourism is a large part of the Tokyo economy, and for this reason, protecting tourists is our number one priority. We do this mainly through surveillance, but also have a few forces with boots on the ground aimed at protecting the innocent tourists that frequent the city.

What you can do to help

The best way for tourists and citizens to protect other people is to be aware of their surroundings. By being aware the crime happens in the city all of the time, it is an important step to protecting individuals simply to realize this and to pay attention to the people around them. Moreover, if you see something suspicious, make sure to contact the local police.

Protecting the city is the job of every inhabitant, local law enforcement, and of course, the security force itself. Knowing that you are working with others to protect the city is very rewarding, not only because this is the job, but it also helps the city solidify its place in the world of global tourism.

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