A rich history


Rich in history and cultural relevance, Tokyo is the most populous city in Japan and one of the technology and cultural hubs of the world. And although it is a very peaceful city, there are some areas in which security is of the utmost importance. For years, we have been behind many of the innovations both technologically and personnel speaking that has helped keep the city safe.

Using the latest in security technology and by implementing strategies unlike any other in the world, we have brought security in the city to the forefront and been an inspiration for other security forces across the world.

With culture comes crime

What many people don’t understand is that big cities always have crime, no matter where in the world that they are located. And despite its relative peace and cultural diversity, Tokyo is no different. Crime, in all forms, big and small must be monitored in order to keep people safe; especially when it one of the most populated cities in the world. Through the hustle and bustle, sometimes things to unnoticed, and its our job to ensure that crime is kept to a minimum.

When visiting Tokyo, know that there is hardly ever going to be a problem with crime. Much of the crime takes place away from the populated areas, but that does not mean that it does not exist. in order to keep up with crime in the most advanced society in the world, it becomes necessary to use technology to our advantage and stay ahead of the bad guys.

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